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David Cremin imageI started the company in December 1999 after becoming disillusioned working for a large plumbing merchants. My sole aim to focus on the local businesses in Lowestoft. I wanted to provide them with an effective website presence without breaking the bank.

Before leaving my job I had spent a conisderable amount of hours looking at the software options available to me. I began using some software which basically provided a point and click interface and the work was all carried out online. Nothing was stored locally on my own PC except the wording and images which were uploaded to the sites I produced. Clients could accesss their own sites and add information and pictures via a simple admin interface. I soon found that while the solution was perfectly viable it was also retrictive with the design and layout options.

PC Monitor imageI then moved onto various editors and programs which all had the pros and cons. I moved away from the hosted software and began designing and hosting sites on my own accounts. At that time most of us were using PC's with large TV like monitors just like the one below on the right. So a site could be designed and you would be fairly confident that it would look the same on every PC. Today of course is a very different story. We now have a multitude of devices with flat screens from TV's to tablets, mobile phones, laptops, Macbooks and desktop devices. They all have higher resolution screens and expectations are high from the end user.

The WWW has come on leaps and bounds and combined with fast broadband connections it is now part of our everyday life. Education, social, businesses, video, electronic books and more.

Software has moved forward and I still provide the option for clients to manage their own site via an admin control panel. I use Joomla® for the majority of client sites. It has a vast development and support community, an extensive range of plugins & modules allowing me to create sites for clients with photo galleries, shopping carts, blogs and more at a very cost effective price.

Today I now live in North Walsham, North Norfolk and still provide services to clients based in Lowestoft that I have built up over a number of years. I strive to deliver a prompt and efficient service and use professional performance tuned business web hosting services for all of my clients. Please take a look at some of my projects on the Portfolio Page and do not hesitate to call 01692 501311 or email me with any enquiries you may have?

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